I sometimes am able to express my thoughts quite nicely and this was one of those times…  


What everyone [From an ordinary mortal to Steve JOBS] said or say about life are correct and they have been said before..

BUT stop to notice whom you are speaking to in terms of his life stage.

Searching for the thing you LOVE and then making it a career is good and perfect advice for the one who is young and is starting his life. Because MAN (as in Humans not in man vs woman) IS a being who loves to CREATE.. Rbr ? So many scriptures it is said GOD created man in his Mould? It means MAN also loves to CREATE like GOD does (ohh this does not mean I blv in God or opposite.. I add on the side)

So if you can find something you LOVE, you can create and end up being HAPPY at the end of life. “Happy” in this context is opposite of LISTLESSNESS that you talked about in yr post. Not HAPPINESS in true sense.

But see? in all these advices there is an element of SEARCH or SEEKING.. read all the comments above and you will find some are telling you find a hobby.. some are telling you to find out what you love and then do it.. It is ALL about / ALWAYS about SEEKING..

[As I said my advice and learning applies to me and me alone — may not be to you.. or anybody else here.. because I said it depends on what LIFE STAGE WE ARE IN.. Life stage is a function of Physical age and Mental Age.

So for me —–>>at my stage now

The Ultimate Path to being HAPPY in whole term is NOT TO SEEK.

Stop Seeking….

When you seek nothing.. you stop feeling the pressures… you stop feeling hurt.. you stop feeling you are missing something and yet not knowing what that is

When you seek nothing any longer.. you enjoy what you have within you, around you, outside you.

When you stop seeking, time does not get counted in seconds, minutes and hours.. it gets counted in terms of now… it means time stops being meaningful.

It means you are now in a permanent Limbo… of existence at NOW.. sucking in the NOW … enjoying the BREATH of LIFE NOW

Nothing else matters anymore.. You are one with eternity and you do not exist ANYMORE.

You Exist and yet you NO Longer Exist..

When you do NOT exist .. There is NO happiness for you, no sadness for you.. YOU and TIME are one.. and the clock has just stopped TICKING for you..

It is like in MATRIX where you see everybody is STILL..


And this is NO Teaching from any GURU… this is my perception of LIFE from within me…