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Tag: philosophy

Philosophy of the Mad

Life is About being Still……. 

I sometimes am able to express my thoughts quite nicely and this was one of those times…   ——————————————————————————————– What everyone [From an ordinary mortal to Steve JOBS] said or say about life are correct and they have been said before.. BUT stop to notice whom…


Why Argue? 

There is a Bengali Saying whose English Translation is exactly casting pearls before the swine. Whom do I argue with? On what subjects do I argue? I argue with people whom I want to improve, and so I argue with those I love and therefore…

Philosophy of the Mad

Honesty and Dishonesty- Part- 1 

Honesty What is honesty? What is dishonesty? Definitions change with reference to context. Do we not say sometimes if being dishonest is to prevent someone getting hurt then maybe a bit of dishonesty is required? Again do such dishonesty need to be clarified with time…