I work only twice a day- Once when I drive to office and once when I drive Back. Why So? Because that is the only time I am in full control of what I am doing, and also fully responsible for my decisions and also getting instant gratification- seeing the results immediately.
The whole activity of driving is a complete Management and Decision Making Activity that all Managers perform in an Organisation:-Planning (when to start, how much tyre pressure to have, how much petrol to fill, when to reach office/ home, which route to follow etc etc) to — Managing (managing the external forces like other cars, drivers/ road conditions, obstacles, traffic signals, jams, blocks etc to internal factors like back pain, eye problems, mobile phone rings, music player etc) to — Performing (driving, honking, turning, stopping, braking, waiting, changing lanes etc) to — Controlling (Speed control, lane control, mind control, line/ angle of sight control, etc) to — All sort of Management Theories at work– Exception Management, Emergency Management, Fire Fighting (like suddenly someone brakes in front of me, suddenly someone comes into my lane, suddenly a cow walks into my path, suddenly a bike wants to hit me on the side, suddenly a pothole appears .. where instant decision and action is to be taken) and so much more… Yet at the end of it all I feel satisfied that inspite of having all the external factors and forces speeding up my “Work” or Obstructing it, I am in full control of my Work, Fully Accountable for my results and am getting Instant Pleasure or pain..not waiting till the end of the year or end of my career to see what I finally Achieved. So there you are!! Now come share my journey to office via Lutyen’s Delhi and listen to the music I listen to keep my cool.
Cool Drive Delhi from shantanu das on Vimeo.