Here is a Sample Request for Proposal or RFP for Designing & Managing ABC Company’s Officers’ Association Website. Why  I share this is not because it is an IDEAL RFP that someone can copy and use; it is not and can surely be improved upon further with respects to technical Aspects I am certain. This was for a simple web site and technicalities were kept to a minimum required few. A proper company website will need much more than this. However this demonstrates a likely website of a Collective Group representing people and may be a guide for our political parties who want to interact with its members. The essence of this website which was planned was to have TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY for the LEADERS who lead us Needless to say this dream did not come into existence and the so called Officers’ Association never went ahead with the development of this website. The humorous part of this post is that all around us we have Political Parties who really do not mean to work for us but only for themselves and so such dreams remain only dreams.
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