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Tag: Poetry

Poetic Madness

Bright Star Calling 

Like a Bright Star, to my heart it constantly calls Like the night insects get drawn to mighty flame Albeit knowing in such flight inevitable death tolls Yet helplessly drunk they keep coming drawn to same; My laden tired heart too seeks thee out there…

Poetic Madness


I dreamt while I was sleeping, I woke up & behold, My dream before me standing. Dream, dream, dream Let me not be in sleep lost Let me but be in dream lost.

Poetic Madness

Oh! for a life of softness 

Oh! for a life of softness I close my eyes and see… By the gurgling brook we lie… Hands holding, fingers entwined.. Two bodies as one enshrined… White buterflies hover over us.. Rabbits playing in the grass. Birds singing in the spring.. The whole world…