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Category: Poetic Madness

Poetic Madness

Bright Star Calling 

Like a Bright Star, to my heart it constantly calls Like the night insects get drawn to mighty flame Albeit knowing in such flight inevitable death tolls Yet helplessly drunk they keep coming drawn to same; My laden tired heart too seeks thee out there…

Poetic Madness

Thoughts and Sharing 

Words … why bared; Words … who cared; Thoughts… to be words; Thoughts… but what for; The Mind so restless; Knows not what it seeks; Pressure within chest; Heart beating slow; Gargling, gushing, choking thoughts; Blocks the blood flow; Thoughts.. want to pour; But at…

Poetic Madness

Endless Time 

Endless Time……………………………… Endless Time,Waiting for noneBut never ending When it endsIt does not endIt just moves onTo a new ending Time goes onand on and onShifting the patternsShifting the sandsRecreating lifeOn and on and on Endless TimeEverything changesDays turn to nightNight turns back to dayWe…

Poetic Madness


I dreamt while I was sleeping, I woke up & behold, My dream before me standing. Dream, dream, dream Let me not be in sleep lost Let me but be in dream lost.