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Tag: Office


Lateral Thinking 

LATERAL THINKING… ! A jargon in Management rarely actually practised!! Alas There was this quiz in our departmental Newsletter:- Distribute 100 pigeons in 15 cages. Only odd number of pigeons can be in each cage and no cage can go empty i.e. must have pigeons….

Corporate Madness

The Good. the Bad & the Ugly 

Once upon a time there was a wonderful western movie made by the name of “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. It is very easy to understand what is “good”, but the difference between “bad” and “ugly” when used in reference to a type…

Corporate Madness

Something on Women Colleagues 

#metoo #metoo india  This is a thought on friendship with women colleagues in office. I had written this long back and am adding this #metoo tag only now after recent developments coming to light of allegations of sexual misconduct by several women against celebrities of…