#metoo #metoo india  This is a thought on friendship with women colleagues in office. I had written this long back and am adding this #metoo tag only now after recent developments coming to light of allegations of sexual misconduct by several women against celebrities of India. This essay was meant to be humorous but in today’s context may have a #metoo connotation. This part I shall add later. I voted for women as I want to work under a woman boss..!! Maybe they would be more understanding.. maybe they would be more patient.. maybe they will care if I want leave..or will understand if I am not able to do my job.. or will not shout at me…. or will talk softly… or will smile at me..instead of frowning…or ask me abouy my family and wife.. and send home sweets for my kids… Ohh I dont know.. but I have had enough of male bosses above me for so long..Give me a woman boss now!! !! Enough of men who have bloated egos.. at least with women..bosses it is I who will have to eat my ego as a man has to if he has to work under a woman.. and so since the woman will know that she will at least not show her ego to me.. I think so.. I have had enough of men bosses who dont speak out and yet want me to understand what he wants..Women will not do that !! I hope so.. since they talk more..they will take pains to explain what she wants.. and I will understand..poor foolish me -me who have suffered at the hands of male bosses for so long.. I have had enough of male bosses who are dumb.. women are not.. they have a lot of common sense.. to understand a man and use him to her advantage.. and that is what a boss needs to do..use the subordinate to his or her advantage.. so both are happy.. And dont think I am joking.. ask one woman colleague who knows me.. I keep telling her the same thing.. and I keep praying that she will be my boss one day.. maybe then she will have pity on me and promote me? Sighh… males dont have any pity at all!!!