Do you see REMIX on star one? I see. This Banerjee Girl is so tomboyish! Such a fighter!! She is tough!! She is a rebel. Any youngster reading my blog will know what I mean when I call a girl tomboyish and more if he or she has seen TV SERIAL CALLED “REMIX”. And yet in the last episode Yuvaraj her erstwhile boyfriend (Oh I know the serial will have a happy ending.. and he will come back to her!!) has attacked her thinking she has stolen his cassette without which he cannot rehearse because he thought she wanted to show her spite on him for not agreeing to perform for the charity show she was interested in. Now folks it seems that this chap did not know the purpose of the charity show being organized by Banerjee Girl (what was her first name? hmm Anwesha!!). So there was a split in the BAND CALLED “REMIX” and So yuvi thought She wanted to take revengce and so has stolen his cassette. So he comes and shouts and fights and TEARS UP THE POSTERS CREATED BY ANWESHA !! AND YOU KNOW WHAT THE TOMBOY DID!! After all THE EPISODES OF TOMBOYISHNESS AND BRAVERY AND MISCHIEF.. AND HAVING HER BACK AT BOYS.. SHE THIS TIME BROKE DOWN!! SHE CRIED!! Now Like any LITERATURE CRITIC I will tell you what it conveyed.. (I feel like writing my literature exam answering questions on some para from Shakespeare!!) When a person is passionate about something he or she gives his or her whole life and mind on that subject and so when they see their dreams being thrashed they feel miserable REAL MISERABLE. When someone cries. THE WORLD STANDS STILL. That is the way it should happen. Because in that cry and the tears that flow are the shreds of humanity that most of us have forgotten. In that cry and tears we should hear our own death knells because WHEN WE (YUVRAJ type of guys who does not understand the intentions of the other person) BREAK THE DREAMS OF THE PERSON WHO HAS A PASSION THEN WE ARE ONLY SEEKING OUR END (because the person or persons in this HEARTLESS World WHO RUN after some goal WITH A PASSION is only helping the world progress- be it in medical research or be it in Narmada Bachao Andolan or be it in waking up Society.. .. and so many more.. Some how The cry of the TOM BOY that night on the TV made me realize that IF WE ARE PASSIONATE ENOUGH IN OUR ATTEMPTS.. THE WORLD HAS TO STAND STILL TO MAKE WAY.. – Yuvaraj too stood still!!!! And joined hands with her!!!