If life only means running and being busy,then Life really has no meaning.     Why should one have to be running and be busy or occupied all the time to feel good?     When we were young in school  sundays and holidays never made us feel guilty. Time wasted never made us feel “hey time is flying by !” Time indeed flew by even then but we regretted the holidays could not be prolonged and we could not waste some more time and enjoy some more therby.     After decades of running and being meaningful it now makes me feel guilty if I am lazing .. it makes me feel something is amiss… How ridiculous this feeling is and yet this feeling nags all the time.     Why can we just not stand and stare and let the clock tick on?  Why does it make us feel we are not doing something we need to do when actually there is nothing needed to be done ?   Why does it seem idling is akin to dying?     This is the biggest dilemma of life.That LIFE itself is our BIGGEST ENEMY… It puts us through a grind by force and then never lets us go even when no longer needed to grind.  When you are idle it keeps whining inside your mind “Hey.. wake up.. get up.. you are supposed to be doing something.. not sitting lazing around on bed watching movies or sleeping…”   Man is never supposed to Sleep till Eternal Sleep encapsulates him.   Its a Paradox.   [The Photo is by the way of MILKY WAY taken at HANLE Ladakh by me.]