Unshackle my Chains Life really has no meaning. All this running to satisfy people around you it has no ending. We need people, they need us. We are born from people and die among such. People, people, people all around you. And rarely you find anybody who is You. At the end of life what do we really gain When one dies for some days tears my rain Soon you are forgotten, only deeds remain behind Soon life gets back on, memories fade in the mind In life we keep running for others In death we finally get back us For in death we alone keep our company Yet when alive we hardly make friends with us. Surrounded in life as we are by so many We forget that at the end we have only us Feelings so deep that it cannot be shared Feelings though comes out bared.  What is this life if full of care We have no time to stand and stare So said the poet. I say why, just at the natural world, stand and stare When we fade at the end when our time is up Why not fade away now when we are still standing up Why can we not just  unshackle our chains And fly away up and up in the skies Find us back to become friends with our real selves Unshackle our souls today to spare the final byes   Also read ” Bright Star Calling”