Like a Bright Star, to my heart it constantly calls Like the night insects get drawn to mighty flame Albeit knowing in such flight inevitable death tolls Yet helplessly drunk they keep coming drawn to same; My laden tired heart too seeks thee out there Captive hopelessly from behind life’s iron bar. A nagging Wish so deep down within my soul Tearing my mind asunder seeking to be more whole A desire so deeply disruptive begging to set me free For in such freedom there is always a heavy fee To be forever rid of all these worldly entrapments One has to leave behind all chains of endearments; My Mind’s horses kicking their legs impatiently Seeking to rush out to I know not where All I can see is end of days and so time is rare If I have to be free then I must do so vehemently; For time is short and time is fleeting Life really has no real meaning Unless I can taste the real freedom out there That which keeps calling me which I want to hear That which I know is the bright flame of death calling And yet I must taste it whatever be my final ending.