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Author: SD

Philosophy of the Mad

Life is About being Still……. 

I sometimes am able to express my thoughts quite nicely and this was one of those times…   ——————————————————————————————– What everyone [From an ordinary mortal to Steve JOBS] said or say about life are correct and they have been said before.. BUT stop to notice whom…

Poetic Madness

Thoughts and Sharing 

Words … why bared; Words … who cared; Thoughts… to be words; Thoughts… but what for;   The Mind so restless; Knows not what it seeks; Pressure within chest; Heart beating slow;   Gargling, gushing, choking thoughts; Blocks the blood flow; Thoughts.. want to pour;…


A Wish ??? Really what is a Wish?? 

With Navaratri and Dussehra starts our Indian Season of Good Wishes. Next will come Eid Mubarak, then Happy Diwali and Business New year (or whatever it is called) then Merry Christmas. Then Happy & prosperous new Year.  So many wishes for so many people. And…

Poetic Madness

Endless Time 

Endless Time, Waiting for none But never ending When it ends It does not end It just moves on To a new ending Time goes on and on and on Shifting the patterns Shifting the sands Recreating life On and on and on Endless Time…