Words … why bared;

Words … who cared;

Thoughts… to be words;

Thoughts… but what for;

The Mind so restless;

Knows not what it seeks;

Pressure within chest;

Heart beating slow;

Gargling, gushing, choking thoughts;

Blocks the blood flow;

Thoughts.. want to pour;

But at what score;

Words.. why bare;

Words… who is to care;

Thoughts arise and die;

Within the mind’s vault;

The body will be ashes;

Thoughts will remain

Thoughts never die

So it is what they say

Or does  it finally

When the body is no more

The mind is no longer bound

Thoughts once inside

Fly away free and high.

Nobody to care

None to share

Days come and go

We do our duties

Creating happiness around

To each his own life

With or without strife

Life just goes on

Each have our goal

Each running the race

For a short while we are joined

Yet not so much joined

We are mere partners

At work or at home

On the road or Off

We are but alone

Thoughts want out as words

Thoughts die at the end

When the body dies

Even the right receptacle

If found what would it matter

Finally we would be no more

What is there to score

Sharing our stupid thoughts

What is so great about them

Eat, Drink and be Merry

Do not think so much

Mind is not for thinking

Thoughts are not for sharing

Mind over matter

How does it matter

It is the Physical that is more worth

That is what we can see

What is not seen does not exist

Thoughts let them be hidden

Actions let be seen

If no action possible

Just let go and enjoy your living

Thoughts are for fools

Mind does not matter

Words that come from the mouth

Matters over those which come from within

Pressure in the chest

Is nothing but overeating

It is all gas my dear

Take your medicine and lie down

Soon will you not need to wake up

All will be fine.

This poem has no ending

Though it has a beginning

Thoughts are endless

The Mind is depthless

Words want to manifest from thoughts

Are never ending

This can go on;

Even though life is always ending

Thoughts that are clear

Remain long after

Thoughts that are deep

Die with us in sleep.