A Very Short essay on  Corporate Life (excludes Family Owned Businesses):    Why things never seem to change? — The root cause. For Change to happen people must participate. Everybody has power in his or her own area to change something that is in his or her control.  But lower we are, limited are our powers. Higher we are in the ladder, the more power we have to make an effect –be it good or be it bad.   And we have bosses. Bosses dictate Policies by their approving powers, Bosses dictate Ethics by their own behaviour. Bosses promote sycophancy and coteries because they need supporters to remain bosses as a boss without followers are never bosses. [Definition of Boss: It is a relative word. And so applies to anybody who is higher than someone who wants his points to be listened to at least.  I am also boss to persons below me whose work depends on my decision/ approvals.]   And,        1.) Bosses have no INTENTION to listen to the people below. It is a rare boss who is a leader.   2.) Bosses forget they all work for Company –> some Bosses even think they own the Company and others work for them. Ego comes into play and hence conflict potential increases.   These two causes leads to all the issues we see in an organisation today from HR Process lacunae, to poor work culture that leads to inefficient/ insincere/ work outputs or inefficiency or corruption and such wrongs. And all this leads to loss of hope in the minds of  sincere hard working employees. But we still hope change will happen. We say we can do our bit in our areas. Some do try and succeed, others try and fail but most do not ever try. Why this happens? Why do we see change not happening? Or visible change not happening? Of course on a longer time scale change does happen. Like two curves in  the technical analysis of a share market, where the longer time curve does show an upward change of prices- which can symbolise a change for better in Corporate Life, within the smaller time horizon we see sharper rises and falls, crests and troughs and sometimes a fall of this smaller curve seems to be continuous. Since our own lives in a Corporate is say about 33-35 we see the smaller curve because to us every day every single year natters and time lost counts heavily for us. But if we look back to our days of joining our respective Corporations we do see change has happened. But then when we do we see it? When we have covered eons in time and when we look back. When we are in our NOW we do not see anything. This is the two curve theory of mine. So why do we not see this change? When we all know we are the ones who should bring in this change? When we all know we are the ones who have power to change? Why does it so happen? Ans: Because only those people get promoted, who remain silent and never. Others are delayed and never rise to positions where they can make a change. Wise people may say- bide your time and then when you are in position make the change. But that never happens. Let us see why so. As said earlier higher we are in the Corporate Ladder more power we have to make an effect. If we believe and agree on this theory then it follows that we need to rise to those positions which some may call Watchdogs or Change Agents or whatever term you may use. But remember our discussion of Bosses? We have Bosses to cope with in order to rise. What happens is by the time you rise and get into Management Positions where you can actually change the systems, you have lost your thinking (yes even then you will have a boss; Chairman too has one) because you suppressed your thinking powers and voice too long to get promoted, in the first place. Something that you never use year after year- how can you suddenly get Thus we see change not visibly happening. All the change that happens is non intentional, non manipulated, non enforced but automatic because people change that is all. Unless we actively manipulate or enforce the change and take our Corporations to a decided goal nothing can every improve over a short time span. And we may say things will change and we should not lose hope, it will all be in vain. Because when we have lost our voice during our rise to power how can it ever happen?