We had concocted two names for people who appear to be busy but actually produce nothing at office. LBDN  Look Busy Do Nothing- these are people whom you will see walking from their room to bosses’ rooms with or without files under their armpits, faces grimaced, eyebrows frowned. At the end all they have to show is papers still stuck with them on their cluttered desks. On the technology front I had devised one name for another set of people who did not walk around with files because they were more techno-Savvy but had a similar Efficiency Levels and Work Styles. PgUpPgDn – Page Up Page Down : corresponding to the PgUp and PgDn keys on the keyboard. These are the Technological equivalents the other group. These are the ones who will spend the whole day faces grimaced, eyebrows frowned and eyes stuck on their excel sheets on their PCs, seriously moving the sheet up and down the whole day and producing nothing but more excel sheets at the end of the day. Then there is one more group at work. LotusEater* This is not some ancient tribe who are practising some secret rituals of magic to prolong their vitality. These are plainly those who cannot live without their mails opening and remaining opened the whole day in front of their eyes with intermittent pop-ups alerting them to the arrival of yet another life booster vitamin- “YOU HAVE MAIL”. Those who feel the day is a waste if they cannot have their lotus mails. Every day morning they will open the mail and feel totally lost if there is none. They will open the mails, read them all/ file them into separate folders for reading later and forgetting to read at the end, and by clicking on the “reply to all” button end up creating more mails. Some of them are so addicted that they are willing to spoil their health or work life balance by installing lotus in their mobiles. All of them will feel mail is an essential part of their work lives but not realising how instead of using mails to control our work we have actually allowed the mail to control our lives. Much like the Rise of the Machines, in Terminator movie where machines overturned mankind domination and erased human life. Nothing new, of course; mankind has this fatalistic habit of using science for its betterment but always ending up letting the inventions take negative control of our lives (eg Atom Bomb).   *This can also be XchangeStudent (for Msexchange)