• First WORK is the activity or the job or the assignment. The work we do to achieve our objectives –either in official lives or personal.
  • Second Work is explained by Physics. Work = Force X Distance. Amount of exertion- physical or mental. The maths is clear.
    • If the same object is to be moved to a greater distance more work will have to be exerted on the object or
    • If for the same distance the object is heavier or resists movement more than the earlier one then more work will be needed. And
    • If F or D or both are more it means more work will have to be done on the object to move it.
    • “Moving the object’ is analogous to “achieving our objectives” and
      • the inertia of the object” being moved, in Physics, where inertia is due to resistance, is analogous to “bridges that we cross/ resistances that we face/ obstacles that we have to overcome” when we do our WORK in office or in personal lives.
    • All these depend on the human beings whom we have to interact with to complete our jobs and achieve our objectives. If that other person, who has to okay something is offering the least resistance then it is easy to get the job done. More resistance he shows more is the effort needed to overcome that resistance and achieve the goal.
    • If there was no other human being involved in the jobs we do and we can do the jobs on our own it is easy and when the human is amenable then also the job is easy.
Thus it is proved that WORK is NOT WORK till Human interaction is needed. It is the humans that make WORK seem like WORK, make an activity or job strenuous and make us spend a lot of energy burning to get the job done. And this energy is burnt in talking, arguing, conferences, meetings, notesheets with queries to be answered, convincing people…. Q.E.D. THINK about anything that you do and you will realise how much time and energy you need to spend in convincing people who are mostly difficult to convince or say “YES” and how easy it is when the other person is in tune with you.