(or Woman – assume man means either sex) I think it is not his Positive Qualities, but it is his negative qualities. Everybody has some positive qualities. That is what all Positive people will say. But then what is so great about Positive Qualities!! Rather negative qualities are of greater importance. If we have no negative qualities then we are 100% full of positive qualities but are we then the BEST? No!! Because then we are not beautiful. We are perfect and ideal and perfect and ideal is not beautiful! The Moon is universally accepted as the most beautiful object in the universe. Yet the beautiful Moon has imperfections – those patches on it. Even our home grown Taj mahal has moral imperfection because it was created over the blood of its construction workers whose hands were cut off. So too as human beings if we do not have imperfection in us we are not complete and beautiful!~ So it follows that negative qualities are important factors of a person”s character when it comes to being judged by others- for beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and it is for the other person to say whether a person is beautiful or not irrespective of what one thinks of himself. The types of negative qualities one has,
  • Actually differentiates him from others;
  • Sets him apart from others;
  • Decides his success coefficient, like say he is a killer-type, then that negative quality can make him a killer in his work and make him successful, [Even a real killer will be successful and soon assume underworld leadership fast enough] or say he is very argumentative, then this negative quality can make him a successful lawyer
But there is an inherent risk in having negative qualities. They may sometimes conflict with the other person’s objectives and likes. A killer will conflict with society. A killer instinct in work may conflict with regard for others. An argumentative subordinate may conflict with his boss. So to take this one step further, we may note that absence of negative qualities can decide his Final quality (like our annual Appraisals that decide our fate in our organisations) even if he is not complete (as said earlier) because for some people who are in the judge’s seat, absence of negative qualities in a person X is desirable for accepting X as a friend or a spouse or even as an Outstanding employeeSo then it also follows that Negative Quality is more important than Positive Quality. The type of negative qualities you have, control what you do and how you behave and so it affects how you get accepted finally by others– i.e. to say your positive qualities have less importance on your getting accepted by people or a group of people or an organisation for that matter.., For Eg you may be wise, you may be intelligent, you may have passion for work, you may be highly innovative and you may be sagacious and with plenty of foresight, but if you are rude and blunt and fight with bosses and point fingers at management, you will never get promoted. So what is it that affected your career growth? Not your Positive Qualities..but your negative Qualities!! Or for eg. you are a totally insipid husband and father, never interfering in family matter as against one who always want to be in control and constantly advise other family members on what is right and what should be done and how? What happens? Even when you are right, it is always the first type of husband who is more liked, because he leaves everyone else alone in peace, the latter is full of negative qualities- the first one is having none. So I conclude and prove that to be Successful in Life one has to concentrate on either acquiring the right negative Qualities, like the killer instinct etc  Or since it may most times result in conflict, Best would be to do away with all the negative qualities… Positive Qualities are NOT important for Growth & success in majority spheres of life. One may not have a single Positive Quality or have 100 positive qualities- it simply does not matter- what matters is that one should not have any negative quality at all. That is why you will see many around us without any visible Positive Qualities and yet have risen to the TOP! They may or may not have Positive Qualities, but most certainly they have mastered the art of not having any Negative Quality. I have long ago understood the mystery and also conclude that the world does not actually appreciate beauty, which comes from having both positive and negative qualities like the Moon. The world only gives lip service to beauty. People will only say the Moon is beautiful but in reality will not hesitate to Plunder the Moon. So too in the real world people will appreciate some outwardly but inwardly will reward those who are not perfect. Deep inside the world is more comfortable with imperfections, arising from the absence of imperfections! *************************************