There are only 3 classes of people in this world!
  1. RICH
  2. Those who pay taxes
  3. Those who cannot feed themselves properly or at all.
If the Govts just concentrated on 3 classes instead of creating so many then the world economics would have changed. The policies that would have emanated would have concentrated on the cash flows between these three groups to elevate society.  But then who will listen to me? I am no Amartya Sen….nor do I pretend to be, So let me say what I came to say in the first place. It is about the class-1 people. It is we in class-2 people who make Gods out of Class-1. For eg
  • We glue our ears to Radio Mitchi to wish Amitabh Bacchans and Sharukh Khans Happy birthday.
  • We go through Page-3 to see whom Vijay Mallya was hugging in his party.
  • We rush to F1 races to kiss the hands of Vettel.
Point is not about wishing somebody a Happy Birthday, point is that these people make money because of us and yet how many of them do return the favour to society which elevates them? Here is an example to highlight what I am saying.. Same is true for Indian gods too. Some facts about Michael Schumacher -he lives in Switzerland for several years now and is registered there as “unemployed foreigner” coz there is no F1 race track so he cannt work there. According to swiss laws the only taxes he has to pay is 5 times his annual rent of his villa….. makes about 2 million Euro taxes per year. It is believed that he earns 100 to 150 million Euro a year. In Germany he would have to pay about 50% taxes. Now u know, why he lives there. His brother Ralf moved to Austria where he gets special conditions too. Sebastian Vettel moved to Switzerland, too. So guess which class these fall in?