Many among us boast of knowledge. We bloat with pride about our degrees and years of experience and our papers in seminars and accolades we have received. Look at the TV or Newspapers or seminars or meetings and you will find people with serious faces sitting and telling the audience how much they know. Look at this blog, here I am telling you how much I know. I am sure most of us share my views that whatever knowledge we have is to be shared not kept to ourselves. I have found that within organisations sometimes some people do not share knowledge.

Knowledge belongs to humanity.

One may feel he or she has created the documents putting in “his/her” labour so don’t want to share. “Created” means what?  — By learning in Educational Institutes, copying or learning from web /books, listening to other experts/ teachers etc; And of course from own experience, sifting through one’s brain and coming out with additional knowledge. Except for a few Newtons and Einsteins nobody is really creating totally new and even Newton or Einstein did not come out with their new theories out of nothing- they concluded from what was already available around them in nature or science by observation. Even your own experience based on which your own IQ helped you form your knowledge.. or the other sources.. was that not because of other human beings giving you that experience? Would you have gathered all your knowledge in vacuum living alone on an island? Humans created our knowledge for us. So how can we claim exclusive right to that knowledge? One day we will all die. So let us leave our knowledge for Humanity. Its like accounting. Go on Crediting (Credit the Giver). Increases only Always.– The only thing that grows while giving is Vidya (knowledge).