And then Finally you Die. Oh yes? You will say what is new in this? You already know it? Yes. But did you feel it in your heart anytime? I felt it. I think if we all feel this inside our hearts then the cacophony in the world would stop. One day sitting in my office working on an IT project – a massive one for our office, I was trying to find out ways to overcome the obstacles in my work- users wanting something, consultants advising something else, and that too two sets of consutlants advising two different business processes, seniors sitting on our heads, targets knocking at our door. Suddenly a realisatiin dawned. Rome was not built in a day they say. So also it is said Nero Fiddled while  Rome Burnt. Was it Rome burning or Nero fiddling? Whatever… .Point was that something that grew over time and becamse a mighty also ended one day. Everything has an end, Even organisations which are mere entities also die. And we are but humans we certainly die. Why do we worry and fight while we are alive? Yes we must do our duties and whatever is needed. But there is no need for fights, no need for cacophony, no need for  constant arguments. Because Finally we all Die. And so there you are.