Virtue Signallers

Virtue Signallers- This is a new term I learnt today from Chetan Bhagat in his post on TOI Blog . This is the word I was searching for since long and my use of this word is not for social media. I care less for social media because social media is mostly noise. Everybody has an opinion and it appears even I have an opinion which is why I am writing on my own blog. But there is a difference. Here I am writing on my own blog and not inviting others to debate if they do not want to debate nor am I attacking anyone on their viewpoint. In social media everybody seems to be pouncing on each other to show they also have an opinion. And in that process the so called virtue signallers have risen, Now this term I loved. Because I have seen such people in office and life too. Do you not see such people around you too? It was just that I did not have such an apt term to describe them before. In office we see many times during meetings some people will express opinions just to appear good to the boss and have no real logical content in what they say. In office groups if you express that your office should take care of your aspirations or increase your salary or be welfare oriented there will always be a set of people who will come out and counter you saying ” look at India we are much better off on pay front on the average”. ¬†Or will say “our company has so many schemes that take care of our welfare”. It is not that what was missing in the first instance as stated by someone else has come into existence. But the aim of these people are only to come out goody goody to the Management. Likewise in families too you will find people will act in many ways – like gifting their relatives, or talking softly and praising unnecessarily , just to show they are good people. But come to situations when it really affects them then you will see their real selves. Fakes abound around us. The world is flooded with fakes and that is why the world is becoming artificial today more and more. The rise of the Virtue Signallers is indeed a bad sign for our world, About this Blog