Anybody whose days are same and routine.. and has no time of his / her own.. is middle class… irrespective of how much they earn or whether they are in business or work for others… As long my friends you have to wake up and work for money… you are middle class.. As long as you have to wake up and follow a routine you are middle class… Middle class wakes up every day.. either drives to office or walks to his own home office/ business chamber every day.. and work the whole day to earn his daily bread every day.. and then sleeps in the night only to wake up next day..every day. Exclusive class has done it and reached where they were meant to reach  and now has it all made for them .. already.. need not wake up.. has all the time in hand to do whatever they like.. has the wherewhithals too… They work for pleasure.. for passing time. they are not chained to routine life. Middle class needs to be chained and do the same activities every day or else will perish. So my day as a Middle class ends for today.. and now will drive home.. through the same old road.. of Delhi.. same old traffic.. avoiding the same old drivers being caught in the same old jam.. . to the same sleep tonight also.