Honestly, I have started feeling now that I am a useless guy and have no work at all. Or else how can I explain my being here online all the time? So today I thought of posting about different type of people in an office.. we see them all around us.. we are also one of them..as others see us too.. I thought of telling about the LBDNs.. and PgUpPg DNs… ahh..yes.. These are names coined not by me but my colleagues themselves.. and then I thought..I shouldnt after all who am I to talk about such people? I am no saint either!! But then maybe for fun I should say something .. Well.. LBDN.. you see them around you.. they are the Look Busy Do Nothing people.. those who do nothing at all the whole day.. and yet they look ohh so very busy all the time!!.. Do you know any personally? Hmm.. So what are PgUPPgDNs?? they are doing more than the LBDNs.. they have work to do.. they do that work.. but again the impression they throw around is that they do very important work.. and will not teach you what they know.. they will tap the keyboard.. fast..so that you dont catch what they are doing.. and all they do are Page Up and Page down on the excel sheet.. and ohh how they do it!! You will think they are the best in the world.. and they know so mucchhh!!.. Sigh.. No.. I think I will not talk about them today.. Then I thought I will post a topic on Communication and how it should be effected.. well.. will that be too heavy? i wondered.. and left it out.. after all with better people than me and experts at Management who am I to talk about communication to a silent audience.. who come here everyday and yet dont like to talk? Then I though why not pick up the current topic from the poll at our intranet site? Do women managers make better managers? Hmm I thought no.. later maybe.. .. so it means that some men too think women can be better managers.. well i am among them ..one of them.. but I dont agree to all women being better managers..just like all men cannot be better managers.. .Well another day perhaps..on this.. let someone else pick up this topic and start a discussion.. and maybe we can even discuss how to make better managers out of people here? So let me talk on something else today.. Friendship among colleagues.. Do you think colleagues can be friends? How long can they remain friends? Does competition erase friendship among peers? So may questions.. that arise.. When we join,,and undergo training together.. perhaps that goes into making friends among peers and this is perhaps the first and strongest friendships that colleagues can have.. because that form when we are still fresh from college and competition has not yet dirtied our minds.. and most of the friendships last.. but not all as slowly the rat race catches up.. so after this opportunity perhaps very few colleagues ever become good friends.. do they? What do you say? Then some friendship forms as you go along your life.. you meet people as you go places..and sometimes there stands a chance that you form friends.. but I have seen one thing in my life. here in my organisation.. the greatest friendships or care and bond exists among our non-officer fraternity.. the way they help their own..in times of peril and disaster.. very few officers do that for their fraternmity.. i know this will raise self righteousness among some of you and you will shout at me..but it is true.. when a non officer needs help or his family needs help..their colleagues rise to the occasion but for officers ..only those who expect returns.. or need to please..or from the same group only will come to help.. correct me if I am wrong.. there is more friendship among our non-office colleagues than among colleagues…..and why is it so? I think it is because of competion, and resultant jealousy ..Colleagues simply cannot be good friends..can they? What do you think? Ohh I have friends too but this is still what I feel. Let us introspect.