Which love is the best among the following:- 1. Dad for his daughter 2. Dad for his son 3. Mom for her son 4. Mom for her daughter 5. Brother for his sister. 4. Brother for brother 5. Sister for sister 6. Sister for her brother. 7. Son for his mother 6. Son for his dad 7. Daughter for her mom 8. Daughter for her dad 9. Male lover for his female lover (pls excuse me I am not aware much of the same sex kind and she too did not ask me that one) 10. Female lover for male lover 11. Husband for wife 12. Wife for husband Well hm. mighty difficult question I must say!!. And see here I have already talked of these different loves earlier. But nevertheless it is a better question as I can see!! So my answer:- Let me organise my thinking as follows.. First a few assumptions: 1. we are talking of people (named groups) actually loving and not like what we see in news. that father kills dgtr and so on) 2. We will not differentiate between mom and dad in parents, or between boy and girl in lovers and between man and wife in marriage for my first answer. If you want to even distinguish further then naturally we need to concentrate only after we have arrived at the group whose love is the best and then further differentiate betweenn that. I will do that next. Ok now… & oh yes! 3RD AND last assumption is when we talk of love here it is pure unadulterated love.. no adulteration.. after we have our answer.. we wil add deviations and actually what happens in real life and then test our answer. ok. next Now, 1. Parents to children is a one way love always –> downwards… ideally they never expect anything back 2. Brothers and sisters love is protective love.. for each other.. — but there is a sense of give and take.. 3. Spouses love are having some degree of relationship and expectations also & may also be mixed with physical needs. 4. lovers love is also having expectations from both sides.. and also sometimes mixed with physical senses and emotions. 5. Children’s love for parents has an essence of dependence. I think parents’ love is the best love ; And, in that mother’s love is the best love in this world.. …………..Mother’s love is nothing but sacrifice only .. 9 months inside her… pain all the time (amidst the pleasure to have kicks inside the tummy.. it is a lovely feeling u know?… and hmm haa, do not ask me how I know!! LOL!..) ok.. and then this mother usually is forgotten when children grow old.. and left alone, if wife does not like mom-in-law or because wife’s mom cannot stay in son-in-law’s house.. but still have u ever seen a single instance of moms not loving their children ? For get the exceptions. as i said in the start. So mom’s love is the best is my answer. But NOW let me come to the imperfect world. In the imperfect world nothing is so black and white as u wanted ur answer to be ….Even in parents’ love there may be a subconscious expectation that children will grow up and take care of them? [In India it may be so. I dont know about abroad]…who knows? I dont know.. because I never even think of living long enough after 60!!..haha! And if u ask me since you said I have to choose one answer only, I did not say it and I chose one answer only!! Otherwise I think each LOVE HAS ITS OWN BEAUTY. So now if you ask me.. then. I think “WHICH IS THE BEST LOVE?” is not a good question at all. What is the better question is “who is the greatest lover?”Why? Think! Because the same person have mutliple roles in life.. man or woman is child & brother/sister, then,lover, then husband/wife, then parents right ?? And whom does the beauty of love depend upon?? – The person who loves!! obviously!! So it follows that the right question is “who is the best lover?” And the answer to this is:- He or she is the best LOVER who gives without taking, who takes nothing but love in return if at all he has to take something, And who lets go of his or her love anytime he or she wants to go. The best lover is one who can love without limits, who can love till eternity, who can love without being loved, one who can remain in the background and never come out in the light, one who will love till the end of the world and long after that. That is why you find that the greatest love stories are those which have ended with sacrifice.. not with happiness. because the greatest love is sacrifice! And anyone who can do this is the best lover in this world.. and in all his roles his love would be the best therefore.. as a parent, as a child, as a sibling, as a spouse or as anything else he in the role of in this world.. even a guru shishya, monk and his disciples, doctor and his patient.. whatever..