I like to imagine that I am Infinity; that I am Endless; that I am Fathomless. Because my mind roams around and it roams around constantly and  incessantly and there seems to be no end.     But the reality may be that I am just plain Mad. Because I see the world differently from normal people (please read my post on “Why People Marry to understand what I mean) and I have found that such “Mad” thoughts can actually kindle disruptive ideas that can change something around us. So here I am just capturing what my mind sees. Just like Sir Isaac Newton, the scientist,  described himself as a child near the sea of knowledge and collecting pebbles from its sea shore, I too am a child under the blue sky of Life collecting Raindrops as it falls on me and wish to share them with you in a receptacle- this blog. Life is a Great Teacher, specially if you are observant. Otherwise too it teaches you forcefully without your permission. But what you learn depends on how your mind is.  Thus this Blog is a mix of both:- Unconventional thoughts; And  Practical useful thoughts which you may like to use. My thoughts are a culmination of years of observation of things that have happened to me and people around me.   Welcome to my Blog – The White Canvasthe Blog of a Mad Mind