These days, High Blood Pressure (B.P.) or Hyper Tension and Cholesterol becoming more noticeable in our health check-ups. Heart Attacks are happening at younger age and no longer the fear of older people alone. Sedentary lifestyles, lack of exercise do contribute to these lifestyle but we also know improper food is a major contributor. I have myself been a heavy Haldiram Bhujia Sev eater, once I used to stay away from family and had all the time in the world. And to spend time I used to watch TV and with it every day evening I used to consume one whole pkt of the same- 400 gms!! And we all know how tasty these snacks are. Once you start eating there is no stopping! LOL !! Now that has become a habit and like drug addicts have withdrawal issues when off the drugs, I too found myself craving for Haldiram every evening even after stopping. Well so I switched to an home made Alternative. You must have eaten too but with time most of us have found it easier buy Haldiram or such pkts I guess. Recipe Puffed Rice Black Salt (or Chat Masala powder) Black Pepper if you like to add Ground Nuts fried in oil or roasted Onion Green Chillis Red Chillis if you need more hot. Mustard Oil.   Baas!! You got your home made TV Snacks. Not only it is less unhealthy but also cheap- saves your money too.